How does interlibrary loan work?

Interlibrary Loan is a service offered by Savage Library which allows one to borrow materials from other libraries, worldwide. A similar, self-service feature is provided as part of a collaboration between Savage Library and our partner Colorado libraries (Prospector).   For more information, please see a library staff member.

Before submitting a request, have you tried the library's online catalog, OneSearch tool, Google or checked with a librarian for that book, e-book, article, etc.?

If you still haven't had any luck, the next step is to submit an online interlibrary loan request.  Please keep in mind that staff process your requests by hand. So, the better your citation, the quicker it gets in the system and the better chance we'll have of getting your request accepted.  

Due to limited staffing, we ask that you request a maximum of five (5) items per day.  Requests of an academic nature have first priority and will be processed be before leisure items.

When your item(s) arrive, you will be notified via email or as per your preference.  Articles are sent directly to you via email.

Please make note of any special instructions on your request form.


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