Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What if I keep the loan past the due date or lost it?

Communication is key.

Don't panic, talk to the ILL librarian so a solution can be found.  Not to say that there won't be consequences; let's lay them out.

So you're thinking, I'm not done with this yet.  What can it hurt to keep the book/DVD/CD a little longer?

First you need to know that no library is obligated to lend us anything - free or for a fee. Keeping a loan past its due date puts our relationship with that library at risk, making borrowing from them in the future much harder.  Please keep our pool of lenders as large as possible by bringing your ILL materials back on time or contacting the Interlibrary Loan Librarian about the possibility of a renewal.

What if it is already past the return date?  You'll receive an email reminder and/or phone call. Once an item is 7 days past due, penalties go into effect:

  • Library privileges are suspended while the loan is overdue.
  • A $100 fine per item are added to your WSC student account.  Once the item is returned, the fine is reduced to $10 late fee per item.
  • Holds are placed on your WSC student account preventing one from accessing grades or transcripts or registering for classes.
  • If a loan is kept long enough, you may lose your Interlibrary Loan privileges, perhaps permanently.

What if you just can't find it; it's lost?

Savage Library will work with the lending library on your behalf and attempt to keep you in the loop.  Library policy is to fine you (the borrower) what the lending library charges us to replace the book, plus a $15 processing fee.

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